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Shen Runners -

We are inching closer to a fall cross country season. We have a new opportunity for you to run/walk the cross country season and support our athletes.

We have a team for the One NY Cares virtual event from 9/8 to 12/24. Athletes/parents/friends can log their miles and choose how far to run/walk.

Register here:
Join the Shen Track Club team and we will receive $10 for each team member plus any donations. Invite friends and family around the country to join. You can get a discount by sharing your referral link that you receive after registering.

We want to thank everyone who participated in our mask fundraisers. They were a success and we will be offering round 2. You can order the Shen masks now.

A new store for the sublimated blue and green RUN masks/buffs will open soon.

The XC apparel store will be opening soon for all your fan gear needs!

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Shen mask and gaiter store extended to Sept 20!

Posted by ShenRunners at Aug 10, 2020 3:15PM PDT

Due to popular demand we have extended the store closing date til Sept 20. Get your masks/gaiters for the start of school!

We have two mask/buff stores up right now. We have one that is community focused. It does not have a Shen logo, but says RUN with runners, mountains and trees. These are polyester.

We also have a Shen store with cotton masks/buffs. There is something for everyone!

Please share we need 100 minimum of each to place the order. We are getting close but need YOUR help. This money will support your kids.

RUN design. Mask, buff or combo. Get yours today.

Show your Shen pride and support running at Shen! Order today.

Run masks and buffs

Posted by ShenRunners at Jul 21, 2020 3:29PM PDT

The Shen Track Club supports 3 seasons of running at Shen. With the spring 2019 season gone and all our summer fundraisers gone, we are looking forward (very hopefully) to the Cross Country season. You know you need a couple of extra masks (and the buffs are awesome too) so why not help the kids and protect others at the same time!

Please share – we’d like to see people everywhere sporting these :-)

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Now available Shen pride face masks and gaiters

Posted by ShenRunners at Jul 20, 2020 3:09PM PDT

Show your Shen pride.
Shen masks and gaiters! Support Shen Track Club. All orders must be in by Sunday August 9th, 2020 (11:59pm EDT).